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It’s Time For A Change

Introducing HealthCORE, a technology solution that not only increases clinic profitability, but also enhances the entire experience for EVERYONE — including your patients!

1. Entrepreneur Business Owner

Data Driven To Its CORE

For the entrepreneurial doctor who wants to build an enterprise that increases impact, revenue, AND net worth, HealthCORE Technology provides readily accessible data to make informed decisions.

Results Driven

Marketing results that are linked with services and revenue to evaluate ROI.

Financial Accountability

Complete financial accountability to see details about revenue and the efficiency of the revenue cycle.

Multiple Doctors / Multiple Clinics

Comparative analysis between multiple doctors or multiple clinics to evaluate performance and determine training needs.

2. Clinical Treating Doctor

Make a Bigger Impact in Less Time

Efficient EHR documentation is widely available. What is unique to HealthCORE is the ability to easily provide additional therapeutic services with documented medical necessity, improving patient outcomes and clinic profitability.

Clinical Treating Doctor

HealthCORE technology provides statistical reporting that will not only allow doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of clinical care on patient outcomes, but also monitor the impact of communication systems on the patient experience.

Build a massive practice, impact a lot of people, and still be home for dinner with your family or have time for yourself!

3. Billing & Financial Manager

Analyze Your Business in Terms of Time and Money


Completely transparent financial accountability that prevents claims from falling through the cracks.


Dynamic functionality that allows for seamless movement between various parts of the software, increasing efficiency when making changes, fixing errors, and rebilling, resulting in improved cash flow and reduced accounts receivable.

Detailed Data

Always know where the money is and where the challenges are that could be slowing the revenue cycle down.

Simple Payments

Integrated patient payment solutions that improve a patient’s ability to stay current on their accounts and reduce the time and cost of collections.

4. Coach and Consultant

No More Flying Blind!

Imagine having the ability to see industry leading analytics on each of your clients, providing visibility into every aspect of their practice -- without having to rely on the clients to send anything!

HealthCORE Coach and Consultant
Multi-Clinic Coach or Owner

Quickly switch between any of your clients that utilize HealthCORE Technology to monitor their performance data. It’s all available in one application - HealthCORE!

5. The Patient

MOST Important — The Patient

From check-in to automated payments, the entire HealthCORE system is designed to improve the patient experience.

HealthCORE Patient Experience
The Challenge

One of the biggest causes of dissatisfied or frustrated patients is financial issues. This includes not having an accurate accounting of their balance, not getting regular patient statements to keep them informed, and then being surprised when receiving a bill they didn’t know they had and don’t understand.

Eliminating the Challenge

HealthCORE Technology removes that challenge using built-in tools that give patients ways to stay on top of their accounts with easy-to-access information. The automated payment program creates an easy way for patients to afford care, which is especially important as more and more financial responsibility belongs to them.

HealthCORE Screen Capture Therapy Log

More Services, Better Outcomes, Increased Revenue

Get access to technology tools, like a digital therapy log, that allow for easy, but thorough, documentation of additional services creating better patient outcomes and additional practice revenue.

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HealthCORE Screen Capture Analytics

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

The most common complaints doctors have are “I can’t see my numbers” or “I don’t have the reports I need”. HealthCORE solves those problems with an analytics tool that instantly provides access to the data required for managing the business, making informed decisions and planning for the future.

The analytics tool also provides consultants comprehensive information, representing multiple facets of the business, to help them form the best possible insight and coaching.

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HealthCORE Screen Capture ChiroTOUCH Conversion

We Make It Easy From the Start

No more excuses for staying stuck with a software that doesn’t have the tools to run your business. HealthCORE’s comprehensive conversion imports more data than any software has ever accomplished before, lowering the barrier that keeps you from making a change.

For ChiroTouch users, in addition to the basic demographics, HealthCORE converts everything from charges and payments to EHR documentation and patient insurance coverage, eliminating the need for time consuming manual input that other conversion methods require.

*data conversion varies depending on data access in your current system

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We're Here To Help

We’re invested in your success and our team is here to make sure you’re supported every step of the way. Our personalized approach is delivered via multiple channels: live chat, phone, video, and knowledge base articles. Each tool helps us meet you where you are and provide answers you’re looking for whenever you need us.

The HealthCORE support team is made up of experts who have worked in clinics and understand the software, a winning combination providing you with the easiest, best answers to your questions.

HealthCORE Support Team

Simple Pricing

Comprehensive doesn't have to be complicated. That includes your software and what you pay for it. HealthCORE gives you one great solution with one easy to understand price (no calculator required!)

  • HealthCORE Premium


    per month

  • EHR - Electronic Health Records
  • Patient Management
  • Billing
  • Therapy Log
  • Patient Payment Manager
  • Patient Check-in Kiosk
  • Appointment Reminders

*$49 per month per additional provider

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